Let’s talk semantics – a concise look at all of your online reviews

What are you doing well? In which areas do your guests think you need to make improvements? Which topics most come up in your hotel’s reviews?

All of these are important questions, and our semantic analysis helps you get to the bottom of them. With Review Analytics, we at Customer Alliance not only help you manage your online reputation, but we also help you improve that reputation by helping you easily understand what your guests are saying about you.

Let’s face it, guests rarely give you honest feedback at check-out. They might give you an idea of their feelings concerning their stay, but unless they have a big complaint, they won’t say too much more to you in person. It’s not uncommon to be told that “everything was fine, thanks!”, only to find a negative review with details of that same guest’s critiques just a few days later. As frustrating as this might be, it also provides you with a new opportunity to respond to criticism and pin-point your strengths and weaknesses.

For those hoteliers who are willing to face the unpleasantness of online reviews, a lot can be learned – and fixed – from guests’ honest feedback; the fact is that it has never been possible to so improve your processes as it is in today’s age of online reviews. However, not everyone is reacting yet. Taking note of your guest feedback may just get you one step ahead of your competitors.

Getting answers with your semantic analysis

Your semantic analysis helps you get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing the content of your reviews. This analysis permits you to stay aware of the words that most often arise in reviews concerning your hotel, and to know which ones are mentioned in a negative or positive context.


Better focused marketing and better resolved conflicts mean happier guests, and generally more bookings! Your semantic analysis gives you a quick overview of the most important elements of your reviews. This means you can easily be aware of – and thus better address – any issues that might arise, as well as sell your strong points.


You can analyze your guests’ feedback without spending hours looking through every single review. All you need to do is act!

A more thorough analysis – looking at your reviews on all portals

Our philosophy here at Customer Alliance is that we can always do even better. In keeping with this, we’ve improved your semantic analysis section. The analysis now looks at reviews from external portals, as well as your Customer Alliance reviews, so that you can draw your conclusions from a complete list of your reviews.


Bringing back your “word cloud” – visualizing your strengths and weaknesses

You spoke and we listened! In response to requests from our customers, we’ve also brought back the word cloud. This word cloud makes your semantic analysis even easier to understand. With color-coding and varied word sizes, this feature gives you the opportunity to visualize exactly which topics come up most often, which ones are mentioned positively and which ones are mentioned negatively.


Understanding your semantic analysis and keeping track of your strengths and weaknesses has never been so easy! Now that you know what your guests are talking about, it’s your turn to act. Let’s improve your reputation and get more bookings together! View your “Semantics” section.

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant