Automatically Take Advantage of Rich Snippets with the Widget

You may have seen them when searching on Google – the small yellow stars next to Search Results. Sometimes referred to as Google Stars, they go by many names, but essentially they appear when you take advantage of Schema mark-up which tells Google (and other search engines) very specific information about your website.

However, implementing this into your website is often difficult, requiring developer resources and a connection to the Customer Alliance API. For many customers this was often deemed as either too difficult or too expensive despite the ROI which this project can deliver.

Many studies have shown that the presence of the Review scores in the organic search results improves the click-through-rate on your results, which ultimately leads to more website visitors and direct bookings.

Rich Snippets Automatically Included in the Widget

The Customer Alliance widget is one of the most loved features by our customers. It helps encourage potential customers to convert by highlighting the experiences of previous customers. As a simple Javascript, this is quick and easy for all website owners to include on their site and is currently utilised by thousands of our customers.

Unfortunately, including Rich Snippets in website were not as easy to include due to the requirement of fetching the data from the Customer Alliance API in order to be included. Furthermore, the Schema requirements are very specific, which resulted in many customers implementing them wrong.

As such, Customer Alliance will now take care of this for you, by including the Rich Snippets population within your website HTML via the widget. This will occur for every page which your widget is included.

As a result, your search result in Google will appear with the new data.

Please be aware, that it can take some time for Google to accept this new information and display it within their search results. This can sometimes be weeks or months – so patience is to be expected.

Do you want to also get Google Stars for your business? Why not organise a call with one of our brand consultants and see what Customer Alliance can do for you.

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