Guest blog Series: Google features related to tourism

Google is more than just a search bar

Google is our primary source for doing online search and research. In January 2014, Google’s dominant position within Germany was underlined by having a market share of about 91,2%. The Microsoft competitor “Bing” came in second place, far behind though with only 3,4% market share. Thus, it is no surprise nearly everyone thinks of Google when talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That being said, it is important to see Google as much more than a search bar. There is a variety of Google tools which take part in our daily life – think of Gmail, Google Maps or Android, which is the operational system for 80% of all mobile devices. In addition, Google became a key factor in the field of marketing.Two out of three advertisings take place on Google. It is impossible to imagine online marketing without Google AdWords. Even small and medium-sized companies hold budgets for AdWords campaigns.

Google’s almighty position, its increasing diversification and the disappearance of its competitors are often considered and judged very critically. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tools that can take a lot of weight off the hotels’ shoulders regarding daily workload. The social network Google+ has exceeded the number of 500 million user profiles by now, which builds up a huge audience for Google Reviews or Google Hotel finder – a new metasearch. Numerous Google tools are important in the whole course of travel preparations: Flight Search, Maps, Google+ Local (formerly Google Places), Hotel Finder and so on. So let’s take a closer look on Google tools especially on the ones relevant in the hotel business.
Google und seine Features

Google Tools related to tourism

Taking both software and hardware into account, there are more than 80 Google tools. Google search obviously remains the most prominent one, while there are also tools like “Google Public Data Explorer” or “Virus Total”, that have hardly ever been heard about.

This Blog series is designed to present Google tools that are related to tourism and hotel business and to explain them briefly one after another:

  1. Google and its search
  2. Google and images
  3. Google and data organisation
  4. Google and communication
  5. Google and information
  6. Customer Journey or: A Guest travel “through” Google


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