Google and its search

Talking about Google in general means talking about classical Google search. Searching things via Google has become a very influential factor throughout our lives. Most dictionaries implemented the term “to google” years ago.

SEO remains important

The search and research for information is one of the first steps in the process of booking a hotel room. Therefore, SEO is and will be a key factor. However, rules and practices have shifted. Many changes regarding its algorithm have been taking place throughout the past years making Google “(more) intelligent.” Whether it is about entire sentences or spoken language – Google more and more gets our intentions and interrelations. SEO-rules that used to be valid the past decade do not provide with the desired effect anymore. Not only does Google use signals from social networks, but it also regularly cleans up keywords linked with websites to customize search results depending on the user.

That is why it became extremely hard for privately managed small or medium-sized hotels to remain within the first Google results displayed.- and, of course, the omnipresent “competitor” Google.There are still ways leading to the desirable first page, just keep on reading and look out for the keyword “Google+ Local.”

Google AdWords for small and medium-sized hotel?

There is an important question, often asked by hoteliers: Is it worth to use Google AdWords? The answer is yes … and no! The most prominent and contested keywords, such as “hotel + [city]” are in large part occupied by booking and rating sites. Large OTAs have sufficient resources to pay sky-high prices per click, therefore, claiming the first places for themselves. Consequently, it became impossible for small and medium-sized hotels to compete with them on this field.

However, anyone that has carved out a niche and devotes himself to the use of the so-called longtail-keywords has a chance to catch good positions even with a small budget. A general advice for hoteliers would be: Do not get yourself into the “Google AdWords Jungle” without previous knowledge. A better call would be to consult an agency that is competent and experienced in this field. Otherwise, it’s likely that you will just throw money out of the window.

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