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It took Google three attempts to develop Google+, an interesting social network allowing them to even compete with facebook. The very idea of integrating it into Google Search has been a genius move and will eventually provide a long-lasting increase of users number.

In 2014, hotels would be well advised to take a deeper look into Google+ and assimilate this network into their online marketing strategy. However, you should not mistake it as a “copy of facebook” and use it accordingly. By being present on Google+, a hotel is able to forward its content to the search results of its followers and – if those share their content – to their followers. For Google+, keywords are far more important than they are for facebook and hotels cannot avoid expanding their own network. If you are active on Google+ now, you stand a great chance to soon obtain a competitive advantage.

Google Authorship

By taking care of a Google+ site, you should also look into Google Authorship. It includes the possibility to link the content of your website or your blog to your Google+ profile integrating your individual picture/logo into search results. By doing so, you do not only enforce your ranking but also increase the level of trust users have in you due to your repeated appearances in their search results.

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Thomas Hendele

Thomas Hendele

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