Google Maps App adds restaurant reservations

You want to know a quick route to the restaurant where you arranged a promising date? You are on holidays don’t have a clue how to get to this superfamous monument? You just want to check if there is a better way to your office saving you some minutes every morning? Whatever the purpose might be, all of us are using google maps permanently and everywhere.

This is why we want to inform you about some upcoming changes that Google announced last week for its navigation tool app on Android and iOS.
First, the Google Maps app will appear in a very new and attractive look focussing on lively animations, bright colors and surfaces that are designed, as Google states, “to echo the real world”.

Next, the info sheet was upgraded making it much easier for the user to get photos, reviews or anything you need about everything you want. This will also work more fluently in concert with the “more to Explore” layer at the bottom of the screen.

As these are nice visual improvements, the major upgrade is yet to come. You will even be able to do a restaurant table reservation right from Google Maps. This new function works in conjunction with OpenTable and emphasizes on Google’s strategy to integrate commerce as directly as possible within their apps. Though, this service is limited to the U.S for the moment.

However, that’s not yet the end of the story. Google also enabled the use and interplay of Maps and the car-hailing service Uber. Instead only providing a link to Uber’s mobile app, the user will now see information regarding prices and driving time, given you have installed the Uber app.

Doing so, Google tried its utmost to set the path for you to arrange a promising date in your favorite restaurant and even to be there in time.

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Torsten Sabel

Torsten Sabel

COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder