May 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New Questionnaire features

We’ve added some new features to your questionnaire. You can now add sub-questions to your main questions (rated on a 5-point scale), for more detailed reviews. You can also create conditional questions, which will allow you to get more specific feedback from certain guest segments.

Discover your new features in “My Account”>”Questionnaire”.

New Instant Survey

We now offer an Instant Survey, available with our updated Premium Pack. This Instant Survey permits you to catch problems early on and to improve your guests’ experience while they are still with you. With this feature, you can create a mini-questionnaire or a simple question to submit to your guests during their stay, providing you with instant and up-to-date feedback.

For more information about this feature or to get started with your Instant Survey, please contact your account manager. We’ll be happy to get you started!

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant