Have you noticed we’ve had some work done?

We worked hard this summer to update Review Analytics – now, our looks are on paar with the functionality you love! No need to learn anything new, as the overall functionality of Review Analytics is the same, we just changed the aesthetics with some new colors and enhanced usability for all devices.

What has changed exactly?

Well, have a look at the included screenshots. Everything is exactly where you left it, but it went on vacation and came back looking fresh. Every function and feature works just the same and all of your data has not moved. The difference is you can now access Review Analytics easily from your phone or tablet, which means fewer trips back to your office during the workday to check-in on reviews. You can now manage your reviews during a coffee-break or while waiting on the elevator from the comfort of your cell phone or tablet.

What does responsive mean?

Responsive is the technical term for optimizing a website for all devices, not simply computers. When we made Review Analytics responsive, we updated the solution so you interact with it easily from any of your devices without visual or interactive difficulties. This was a user experience update to enhance your overall engagement with Review Analytics and mobilize you to manage your online reputation from anywhere – not just your desk!

We are the same product you know and love, now looking a bit fresher!

Take a look at our new style!

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Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager