New feature: Archive your old Customer Alliance reviews now!

Dear customers, we are happy to launch the next awesome feature that’ll improve your online reputation even more!
From now on, you have the option to archive Customer Alliance reviews that are older than two years in your backend.If activated, archived reviews do not count in the average customer satisfaction score on your widget and certificate. The certificate will also only show reviews that are not archived.

Keep in mind that, if you decide to archive your reviews, this decision is final. Once archived, you won’t have the opportunity to set your old reviews live again. Of course you will still see those reviews in your review stream in the Customer Alliance backend. They are not gone for good, but they will never again be available for public viewing nor will they count towards your score. However, archived reviews will still be shown in your private statistics if the time filter is set up accordingly.

Archived reviews in the review stream are marked with a blue symbol.

Why you should archive your old reviews

Consistently at Customer Alliance we talk about how important it is to collect more feedback, get better reviews, integrate them in your website and the widget — and now we’re telling you to archive and “hide” your old reviews? Yep. We’re not kidding!

Imagine this: you have carried out renovations recently at your property, created a totally new and outstanding experience for your guests. Despite this, your old reviews remain online, completely unrelated to your new experience. Well, now you can send them to the archive and make a fresh start! The same applies for any other big changes in your company that have lasting effects on your guests’ reviews.
Archiving old reviews will showcase your current efforts and improve your reputation in the long term.

How to set up the Archiving Feature:

  1. Log into the Customer Alliance backend and go to “Settings”.
  2. Choose “General”.
  3. Go to “Data Management”.
  4. You’ll see the switch “Archive Customer Alliance reviews”. The default setting is turned off, it will be on the left side and white. To switch it on, click the switch and it will turn turquoise.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Your old reviews will now be archived and marked in blue!

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