New restaurant and conference questionnaire

Customer Alliance hotel clients sum up to more than 2.500 by now gaining the benefits for their daily work routine due to our review management solutions. Now we take a step forward and expand our product towards gastronomy and more!

Our two new questionnaires allows you to also gather and manage reviews from both restaurant and conference guests.

The Certificate, together with the related Quality Seal (Widget) (displaying the Customer Satisfaction Index), can be implemented on your website – just like on the hotel websites.

For restaurant guests

Our restaurant questionnaire offers certain categories to give feedback on. These are service, pricing, dish quality, housekeeping, atmosphere and courteousness of employees. Of course, you can add individual categories on your questionnaire as for example: range of dishes, quality of drinks or waiting time.

For conference guests

We created a new and individual questionnaire with categories corresponding to the demands of conference guests. This includes technical equipment, atmosphere of the conference room, choice and quality of food, courteousness and flexibility of employees as well as cost-performance ratio.

By expanding our services, we aim at further closing gaps between vendors and their guests within the hospitality industry. To do so, we provide customers with an honest and authentic impression of the establishment while we support the managers to optimize their quality management.

Review Analytics Product

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Simone Verweyen

Simone Verweyen

Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager