Set targets to better evaluate your performance

Whether you are a chain or an independent business, you probably set goals for each quarter or year which you hope your business achieves. Perhaps you even set goals for how you want your online reputation to grow across certain portals. Taking this into consideration as we developed your new Dashboard, we investigated the best approach for integrating those reputation management goals within our online backend.

Introducing: targets.

Targets can be set at the individual or chain level and can be set per business, portal, or chain. Analyzing how your business performs in relation to that annual or quarterly goal becomes transparent through setting targets. Currently, setting targets occurs for your overall rating, comment rate, and comment rate per account or portal.

In your overview, you can see which areas you are falling short of your targets then improve the situation. Say you notice some portals fall a little shy of your targets, you could then adapt your distribution strategy to ensure you achieve your goal before time runs out. This is because your goals were directly within the same backend where you manage your distribution strategy.

It is your reputation management, further simplified and consolidated into one backend.

Establish, manage, and achieve your reputation management goals through setting targets in your online backend.

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Apply targets to all portals for one account

Manage it on a chain level

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Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager