Simplified guest data import options – inviting your guests to leave a review has never been easier!

We have significantly improved your guest data import section within your Review Analytics backend. Sending post-stay emails to your guest, encouraging them to leave a review for you hotel, has now become even easier.

What’s new?

Most importantly, there is no need anymore to convert your Excel file into a CSV file before importing your guest data. You can now easily upload both, CSV or Excel file to your backend. This already is a significant improvement for everyone that struggled with the conversion of their Excel files.

New CSV upload improvements

We further simplified the upload function altogether, which now also allows you to upload even unadjusted data sets. The Review Analytics guest data import allows you to enter big number of guests at once. So far, you had to make sure, that the uploaded file contains exactly 5 columns with information on the name, gender,email address, language and the departure date of your guests.

The improved guest data import function still requires the same information, but does not only allow you to upload CSV or Excel files with up to 30 columns, but also matches the required information for you. This way you do not need to clean and create fitting data sets beforehand anymore.

CSV upload

Guest data upload 2.0

The simplified upload options in your guest data import section are designed to save you even more valuable time by speeding up the import of your guests data. This way, initializing the sending out of your review invitations has become even easier and generating the feedback from your guests that determine your online reputation is only a few clicks away.

Check out your new guest data import functions in the “Guests” section of your backend!

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Nora Köstler

Content Marketing Manager