TripAdvisor City Rankings

In January of this year, TripAdvisor began the implementation of their new algorithm for Popularity Rankings and by April this was applied to hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. They decided to transform their Popularity Ranking algorithm to provide more dependable, real data to their users instead of data that might be skewed by “fast risers,” to use their terminology.

So, if you noticed your ranking recently fell on TripAdvisor, keep reading to learn why and how to overcome this.

What this means for your property:

Through this update TripAdvisor re-emphasizes the importance of steadily acquiring reviews and engaging with guests. The more new reviews you have, the greater the chance of appearing better ranked on TripAdvisor. If you fail to consistently collect reviews from your guests, your ranking will fall.

city rankings

city rankings

See how Hotel 2 dropped in TripAdvisor rankings due to infrequent reviews in conjunction with only two bad reviews. Meanwhile, Hotel 1 continued with frequent reviews and maintained a solid position.

How do I improve my City Rank?

Quality, recency, and quantity are crucial to moving up or continuing with a positive city ranking. Ensure your property acquires good, recent, and many reviews to stay at the top. With Review Analytics, you have the solution to overcome the changes to TripAdvisor by maintaining and improving your reputation through automated processes.

Read more on the reasons for the change on TripAdvisor.

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