Understanding the deliverability of your emails

Did you know that more than 6% of all emails that our customers send out to their customers are not delivered?
6% may not sound that much, but keep in mind that you are inviting your customers to leave a review with the purpose to improve your business, increase guest satisfaction, generate more visibility and improve your ranking. Those 6% might be the few percent that matter to you.

Take action and reach your full potential

But why is an average 6% of the emails not delivered? Well, that’s easy. They bounce. Mostly because the email address is not correct or doesn’t exist at all.
This fact results in huge lost potential. Imagine you would have the correct email addresses and could use it not only for review collection, but also your direct marketing!
We are happy to announce that from now on, you are able to track the undelivered emails for the guests which you invite. In the guest list in your Customer Alliance backend, you can now see which emails have bounced. You can as well filter to only show those email addresses and export them.

Take a few minutes and work on those email addresses. In most cases it is just a typo that can be easily fixed that will bring you so much benefit afterwards!