Google+ for hoteliers, what’s new?

Dear hoteliers out there!

As all of us know: Google is the big boss and everyone has to follow it’s rules! You can try to revolt, however you will have a tough time to sell your stuff if you decide to do so.
That’s why – from a realist perspective – you should learn what Google has to offer and how you can use it for you in the most efficient way. Don’t get confused with Google places and Google + Business Pages. In the end, Google + Local Pages is what emerged out of those and what you need to use.

Google + is the base for everything you need. From here you can start to build up your Google+ Local Page for your hotel. It is important for you to design a very nice Google+ Local Page since this is what will appear to the user when he is using Google Hotel Finder – which is a great way to improve your visibilty. Next to that, you will also be able to collect reviews with your Google+ Local Page.

Yet, in order to achieve your final goal, which is maximizing your online bookings, you will not only need to present nice pictures and a well designed page. You also need to offer useful written content with practical information that is part of your SEO strategy. For this purpose, it is essential to identify the most significant keywords for you and publish some texts about those topics.
From the structural perspective, Google values a good information hierarchy, the internal link architecture, external links that leads to your page (and backs up your online reputation), a clear code and if the web has a responsive design.

Having those things combined on your beautiful Google+ Local Page you can be proud … for a very short spell. You need to keep up with official google announcements, since they are constantly changing the rules and remember: Google is the big boss, so follow it’s rules!

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Simone Verweyen

Simone Verweyen

Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager