Customer Alliance celebrates its 10 years!

Already 10 years! The years go by and, like the hotel industry, each year brings many innovations to Customer Alliance. Let’s take this opportunity to review the story of Customer Alliance over the last ten years.

Everything began in Berlin, 2009. The city was booming at the time, gradually claiming its status as the capital of start-ups in Europe. During this time Moritz and Torsten, with their respective experiences in the tech and hospitality industry, committed to helping hotels to manage their online reputation better. Hoteliers really needed this at the time since customer reviews were evolving from traditional word of mouth recommendations to the digital phenomenon we see today. With platforms like and TripAdvisor, customer comments left on online platforms were becoming a key communication tool for hotels.

Through much hard work, the idea matured and quickly took shape. The following years saw the gathering of initial customers and fundraising to reinforce the positioning of the company. A large milestone was in 2012, where a partnership with the association Hotelverband Deutschland IHA was formed. This lead to significant growth within the German-speaking market.

Subsequently, Customer Alliance established itself in the Mexican, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish markets. An unprecedented international and European atmosphere arose in the office. During this time, the development of the solution mobilized to meet the changing needs of hoteliers. Partnerships with HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor came to crown the work of the Product team. The design and features were also improving.

Customer Alliance also proved its sporting spirit! Yoga classes, participation in races and a historic victory in the inter-company football championship!

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Customer Alliance has reinvented and challenged itself to keep it doing what it does best, innovate! Our solution has evolved significantly to become a complete and essential tool to manage the experience throughout the customer journey!

Check out this infographic to relive the evolution of Customer Alliance.