Maximising the value from integrating the Customer Alliance widget on my website

The Customer Alliance widget is without doubt one of the strong points of our solution. In a previous article, we discussed how this function can help you generate more bookings and strengthen guests’ trust in your hotel.
Let’s now go into a little more detail and take a look at how you can optimise your website by using and personalising the Customer Alliance widget.

Optimising your website

Your website is essentially your online storefront. In addition to the various websites and platforms where you establish your presence, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your hotel in its best light. Displaying photos of your rooms and facilities (meeting rooms, gym area…) and providing details about the services you offer, your restaurant menu and your location are crucial factors in enabling you to position and sell your hotel.

Nowadays, the guest journey is a complex one. In most cases, it unfolds online and your potential guest is therefore likely to consult several different sources before making a booking. Comparing prices and reading guest reviews are the two main activities which have an impact on the choice a guest ultimately makes.

If your site is linked to a booking engine, you’ve already solved the first problem. And then what about reviews? Is it possible for potential guests to read reviews left by former guests directly on your site? This has become an increasingly common phenomenon because it enables you to reassure potential guests and also ensure that they stay on your website rather than leaving to read the reviews left on other platforms. In fact, having no reviews considerably increases your chance of losing a booking to your competitors or to an OTA.

The Customer Alliance widget and the reviews it displays via the certificate act as a sign to your visitors that they can trust you. Now let’s take a look at how you can personalise the widget so that it meets your requirements in the most precise manner possible.

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A widget that reflects your hotel

You do your utmost to personalise the guest experience in order to mark yourself out from your competitors and ensure that your guests’ level of satisfaction is optimised. Your website should reflect this strategy. You can personalise the Customer Alliance widget through a multitude of different settings so that it meets your requirements as effectively as possible. Let’s examine how this works.

From the choice of language (19 available) and positioning of the widget to its colour, you can select the visual strategy that best suits your hotel. You can choose from several options with regard to the content you wish to display on the widget, including:
Global guest satisfaction score;
Total number of guest reviews analysed;
Total number of review platforms analysed;
Details of content of reviews;
Criteria used and scores.

Hotel chains can also choose a specific widget which enables them to get a detailed overview of different hotels. In the same way, if your hotel also has a restaurant and spa, you have the option to indicate this by displaying the ratings for each feature.

Of course, you can select which information you wish to share in this widget according to your communication strategy. But whatever you choose, by providing visitors to your site with a detailed overview of your online reputation, you will increase your chance of securing a direct booking.

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