Can I measure how many reservations have been generated through the Customer Alliance Widget?

The Customer Alliance Widget 

Depending on how it is configured, the widget is a small “box” that is pinned to one side of your web page and does not move, even when the user scrolls down – the widget always stays visible.

Presented is a summary of your ratings, the so-called Customer Satisfaction Index: the average score of your business based on all customer ratings (in the above example, 91 out of a possible 100%), the average grade (“Very Good”), and the total number of ratings and number of all portals on which they are distributed.

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The Customer Alliance Certificate

By clicking on the “Learn more” button, users will be provided with their certificate, and thus with a detailed overview of all their ratings collected via the Customer Alliance questionnaire, including a detailed overview of the individual evaluation criteria.

If the user is hovering over the widget with the mouse, another window pops up right next to it, the content of which you can customise. You can also implement an overview of all your evaluation criteria, such as rooms, cleanliness, location, restaurant, spa etc here. Or select in your backend individual, very positive guest reviews, which, are shown in a rotating sequence in the extension of the widget.

Here are two buttons at your disposal. So you can forward your guests both to your certificate with the detailed guest feedback, as well as directly insert a “book now” button. This feature has been proven to provide you with more direct bookings, as your potential guests will no longer have to go through an external rating or booking platform.

Measure how many reservations have been generated via the Customer Alliance Widget

In addition to all these benefits, you can add another, unbelievably great value for yourself and your company from the widget: Measure and evaluate the data generated by the widget!

Do you use Google Analytics for your website? Wonderful, because our widget and Google Analytics in combination provide you with detailed insights into the individual processes on your site – and thus also about the user behavior of your guests.

Specifically, this means that every time a user moves the cursor over the widget on their (equipped with Google Analytics) website or clicks on a button, that widget sends a signal to Google Analytics and draws attention to this action. Google Analytics stores all these data, making them accessible and measurable to you.

You can measure …

…when and how often the “booking button” of the widget is clicked (ca-widget: click: btn-booking)

…when and how often the “booking button” on the certificate is clicked (ca-widget: click: btn-certificate)

…when and how often the widget’s “Show Ratings Button” is clicked (ca-widget: click: see-more-link)

…when and how often the widget will be expanded – and thus showing the most positive and meaningful guest reviews you have selected (ca-widget: expand widget)

Measuring and evaluating with Google Analytics

And now? Now you will have to make use of Google Analytics. Set the correct filters and settings to evaluate all operations and reservations generated by the widget. Measure how many reservations have been generated using the Customer Alliance Widget. To do this, Google Analytics requires you to create a conversion funnel – more specifically, an e-commerce funnel – and filter the traffic for each activity.

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