Save time with templates and drafts in Review Analytics

Being from the hospitality industry, we understand the interruptions and chaos surrounding hotel management. You want to show your guests you appreciate their review, but sometimes lack the time to write your response. Sometimes you start responding and are interrupted and need to return to the task later without losing your work. This need is what we had in mind when creating our functionality for templates and drafts for reviews.

Customers mentioned they were saving text in notes on their computer to copy-and-paste when they received reviews. Now, you can easily save and choose from your templates dropdown a pre-written response and quickly respond to guest feedback. Furthermore, you can continue creating new templates directly within the comment and email fields for other users to apply.

Creating a template is simple, follow these steps:

  • Go to your review stream
  • Click the comment icon beneath a review
  • Click “Compose”
  • Type your content into the comment box
  • Name your template by going to the field pictured below


  • Click “Save template”
  • See the template in the dropdown


You can also delegate work without fear or duplicating work through our draft function.

How do I know if a comment or email is drafted or not?

When navigating your review stream, you can see which messages have been responded to by a green check-mark on the comment function. If a draft has been created, you can tell by the yellow icon on the comment function. Reviews without either of these, have not yet been responded to.

Take a look!

Here a comment has been drafted, but not sent:customer-alliance-comments-templates-draft-saved
Here a comment has been sent:


Here no action has been taken on the review:

You can also filter your review stream to see the reviews with a comment sent, drafted, or where no action has been taken at all.

Where all can I use templates and drafts?

Templates and drafts are available in your comment, email, and dispute functions within your Review Analytics backend.

Ready to get started? Login now! If you are still unsure of the functionality, please contact Customer Care and a representative will explain it to you in greater detail.

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager