The latest hotel technologies – take your guest’s experiences to the next level

Do you find your guests are always expecting more from your hotel and staff? Have you had to increase the range of personalised services you offer? Are you unsure how to take your guest’s experiences to the next level? How can I keep up with the latest developments in the hotel industry? Don’t worry. The […]

August 29, 2017

Pre-Stay Communication: Welcome your guests without thinking about it

Send a welcome message to your guest before arrival via email!! Through every step of a guests stay, from reservation to check-in to during- and post- stay, you can transform their opinion of your hotel in a snap. Why not start their stay off on the right foot with a beautiful welcome email? Our pre-stay […]

August 9, 2017

Start building your Net Promoter Score (NPS) via your post-stay questionnaire!

We’ve integrated Net Promoter Score (NPS) into your questionnaire! Included in your Questionnaire settings (navigate: Settings > Questionnaire > Questions) is now the NPS question “How likely are you to recommend us to friend or colleague?”. By default, this question is inactive. However, to add it as a question you simply turn the question on […]

June 28, 2017