Hotel reviews, bookings, customer satisfaction, revenue management… useful information and practical tips on these and more topics found here. Learn how to strengthen your business with our whitepapers and finally gain your independence from third party portals through our products: Review Analytics, Price Analytics, and Booked.

Web Controlling – the path to success in e-commerce

With the rising commissions and fees hotels pay to third-party providers such as OTAs, it has become essential for survival to strengthen direct bookings.

A Customer's Journey

Choose the right tools to understand and follow your customer's journey naturally - better marketing & reputation, boost direct sales & reduce commissions.

Hotel website secrets

Getting more reservations, filling more rooms, and turning one-time guests into repeat customers.

Complaint Management

Can negative reviews be something positive?

Google and its features

A detailed look into the most efficient google tools for hoteliers.

Review Management

Control the mighty marketing tool instead of hiding from your guests.

Hotel Revenue Management – a changing concept

How to drive demand to your property within the age of online reviews.

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Today, in the age of the so-called web 2.0, everything is much easier. Word of mouth is still incredibly important.