The Hospitality Industry faces a changing landscape in Online Reputation Management

In our previous article “The Rise of Online Reputation Management in an Age of Online Reviews”, we outlined the ways in which Online Reputation Management – also known as ORM – has evolved in the past decade.

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Online reviews have come to hold a central place in the hospitality industry. As hoteliers learn to work with this new means of relaying information, they must keep in mind the evolutions that are yet to come ─ because technology is not stopping here, and with new developments, the hospitality industry must continue adapting.

As ORM is far from what it was in it’s initial stages, it is important to note the changes that have taken place and are anticipated in the industry.
The second part of our article will illustrate the changes in ORM and how the adaption to new structures is the key to staying ahead of the changes to come. Read the full 2nd part of our article on the rise of ORM for free!

Download part 2 of our article on the rise of ORM for free here: